About the Blogger!

Hi There! If you made it to here, please stay! I believe everything happens for a reason, welcome! For those who don’t already know, my name is Jacqueline. I am a 29-year old witty ambivalent who has always had a passion to connect with people deeper than the surface level conversations. I have had already a few blogs during other chapters of my life including learning to live on my own after high school, entering the world of modeling while going to university, then were my broadcasting days, then came my most transformational years while traveling the world, most often times solo, while on a budget and working full time… which was all in preparation for the next chapter of my life…. which is…

Your girl getting married!

And, you’ve guessed it… it didn’t happen if you didn’t document it! So here we are! I will be documenting this journey of becoming one with Jeffrey Michael Roder, through posts, diary logs, and pics. This isn’t going to be just me babbling on about only the highlights and takeaways like my former blogs, the goal of this page will be to deepen our own relationships while building a community of trust with people who share resources, lessons, advice, photos, etc. from the discussion topics to come.

To Existing Subscribers:

Some of you I am sure are wondering how you are subscribed to this page… it is because this site used to be my former travel blog when I was in my mid- and later 20’s wandering the world and sharing the amazing photos, interesting stories, and providing budget friendly tips for those looking for adventure. Although this blog has diverted to a new path, I assure you the young woman who wrote the blogs you formerly commented, enjoyed and shared, is the same woman writing these and am sure you’ll find some insightful lessons in these posts too.