About Me

Hi there! I’m Jacqueline Craig, a free spirited 27-year old who has caught the travel bug, and for the last four years I have been traveling around the world covering over 25 states and 15 countries… and counting! The best part, is I have been doing this while working full-time and on a budget!

I’m guessing you made it to this particular page because you’re wondering who I am, and how I’ve been able to do all of this… I am hoping the many posts will help unravel more and more about me, but for starters….

My big girl job is a Portfolio Manager at a credit union servicing organization, that underwrites, services and manages commercial loans for credit unions throughout the state of Michigan. So, yes, I do work. Yes, I have limited vacation, and yes I have real bills.   The beauty in life, I’ve found, is that we are in control of how we use our time. Ever since my first trip, I’ve been using all my free time investing, planning, and going on many trips! I am living proof, it can be done!

My heart is guided by places not yet visited, food I’ve not yet tried, and people I’ve not yet met. I am believer in good karma, attracting energy we give, and trusting my gut. Which leads me to the most common question I get… Jacqueline, where to next? The answer… I never know… where ever the wind takes me, or where my scratch off map isn’t touched!

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